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Welcome to 4K Flight, your comprehensive marketing partner specializing in positioning luxury real estate development for success. We offer niched, rare, and stunning royalty-free aerial cinematography, video production, next-level design, sophisticated brand & website development. Our world class clientele consists of architects, developers, digital marketing and design agencies. We create stunning visuals that generate results. Choose from over 1,000 specialized, high-definition royalty-free videos, available for purchase, and immediate download. Stunning city light. Superior visual communication. 4/4 star customer care. Collaborative custom design, video production and flight service commissions. Immaculate deliverables. Partner with today to position your project for success.


4K-Flight #040 B&W

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4K-Flight #040 B&W


4K-Flight #040 B&W

249.99 499.90

4K-HD Cinematic Royalty Free Aerial Footage from 9th Ave. to Boren Ave. Via Olive Way, Headed East, Facing Northwest.

Time of Day: Daylight
Altitude: 400’-0” AGL
Cinematic Technique: Side Sweep
Flight Direction: Facing Northwest, Moving East
Quality: 4K-Ultra-HD 4096×2160
Frame Rate: 30 FPS
Color: Full Color
Duration: 00:15

Sunny Seattle, Beautiful Seattle Day, Space Needle, Seattle, Whole Foods Market, 2200 Westlake, Pan Pacific Hotel, The Seattle Times, Arizona, Seattle Glass Gallery, Lenora St., Oregonian, NBBJ, Headquarters, Denny, Retrograde Park, Virginia St, Seattle Childrens Research Institute, Boxcar, Umpqaua Bank, 13 Coins, Cornish College of the Arts, Verizon, Denny Park, 915, Kumo, Blackfoot, Blanchard St., Battery St, Bell St., Stewart St., Howell St., The Olivian, Hyatt, Westin Seattle, Hotel Max, Olive 8, Nordstrom, Bartell Drugs, Westlake Center, Aspira Apartments, Cambia Grove, Avvo, Premier, 1521, The Premiere on Pine, Premiere, Paramount Theatre, Nine & Pine Apartments, Tower 801, Ava, Pacific Place, Nordstrom Corporate Headquarters, Nordstrom, Downtown Seattle, Skyline, City, Pike St. Olive Way, Stewart St., Howell St., The Olivian, Hyatt, Westin Seattle, Hotel Max, Olive 8, Nordstrom, Bartell Drugs, Seattle Waterfront, Pike Place Market, Westlake Center, Aspira Apartments, Cambia Grove, Avvo, Premier, Nordstrom Corporate, Construction, Westlake, Pine Street, Corridor, Elliot Bay, Ships, Water, Boats, Virginia St., 8th Ave, 6th Ave, 5th Ave, 4th Ave, 2nd Ave, First Ave, Ameriprise Financial, Accenture, Avanade, Twist Seattle, Times Square Building, Forested, Senso, Circadian, Starbucks, The Watch Works, Sound Credit Union, Blue Shield, 4K-Flight, 4K, HD, Ultra-HD, Hyper-lapse, Aerial, Cinema, Cinematography, Video, Footage, Stock, Movie, Stunning, City, Light, Luxury, Real, Estate, Marketing, Sky, View, Sale, Purchase, Motion, Dynamic, Marketing, Premium, Positioning, Sales, Incredible, View, Drone, 4k flight, #4kflight, 4kflight, by

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